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A new film about Paul Avgerinos & Studio Unicorn

Brian Russell was so kind and thoughtful to make this short film  about my music and work . Together, we explore the why and how of music making and the creative process . I hope that you do enjoy it !  ~ A film about Paul Avgerinos & Studio Unicorn  ~

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If over ONE BILLION People have heard your music, does that mean that you are famous ?

In the last year, I have been very blessed to have my music licensed to some huge shows and heard by some truly large audiences : The Super Bowl ( 120 Million ) 22 NFL Games ( 420 Million ) The 2012 Summer Olympics ( 212 Million ) well, you get the idea ~ A […]

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The Spiritual Significance of Music

From the science of Quantum Physics, we are learning much about the nature of existence in this universe. Quantum entanglement shows that all creation is interconnected, interdependent and vibratory in nature. Matter is a magnificent illusion, everything and everyone is actually pure energy, vibrating at the speed of light. Energy is constantly changing and morphing from […]

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