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Many clients like to bring us their mixes for mastering, to get a “fresh” set of ears on their productions before they are released out into the world. With literally thousands of tracks broadcast around the world, we know how to get your master ready for prime time .

Dulaman ~ Altan

Live Orchestral Magic ~ Baker

Liz Carroll

Soul Fire ~ Sweetbird

Bold Doherty ~ Niamh Parsons

Legacy ~ DiamondBack

Relentless ~ Avgerinos

Ashland ~ Sweetbird

Ambient Soundtrack Tension 3 ~ Avgerinos

October Child ~ Sweetbird

Live Orchestral Romance ~ Baker

Avgerinos Composer Reel

Live Orchestral Mystery & Suspense ~ Baker

An Palstin Flonn ~ Niamh Parsons

Jingle Bells ~ Avgerinos

Hectic Anthem ~ Avgerinos


Studio Unicorn Control Room