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Recording Live

With Three live rooms, Sixteen Killer Mic Preamps and a serious Mic locker, we can record your entire band LIVE !

Capture the energy and excitement of a live performance with the audio excellence of a world class recording studio .
We have done great albums this way in only a few days, the most efficient use of time and money .
All of these track samples here were recorded live in the studio :

Track of Time ~ Liam Bailey

Sixes and Sevens ~ Liam Bailey

What A Wonderful World ~ Omega

Skylark ~ Omega

Don't Like To Kiss ~ Megofna

Valley All Alone ~ Liam Bailey

Harp of Celtic Angels ~ Jan Kraft

Live Orchestral Romance ~ Baker

Crystal Silence ~ Solo Piano

Calling All Angels

Live Orchestral Mystery & Suspense ~ Baker

Live Orchestral Magic ~ Baker

The Child ~ John Howland

Stargazer ~ John Howland

Mr Yellow ~ John Howland


Of course, we also excel at overdubs of all kinds, voiceovers, narration and much more bringing extensive experience to your project .

CT Recording Studio Unicorn

Studio Unicorn Grand Piano