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Thrilled to be releasing BHAKTI ! Bhakti is love – loving God, loving your own self, and loving all beings.  - Amma Although I was brought up in the Greek Orthodox Church, I became a student of a Bhakti yoga guru from India when I was 16. All my life I have practiced yoga, meditation, chanting […]

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LoveLight Benefit Album

Proud to participate in this offering of love . . . 36 amazing songs with 9 Grammy nominated artists participating as well as numerous award-winning and cutting-edge artists. Listen to samples and see why this album has been called “ the best New Age music compilation since Pure Moods — certainly the most meaningful.” All proceeds […]

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16 New TV Shows Added in Q3 of 2013

We added 16 new TV shows in Q3 of last year ! Also in Q3, 14 repeat customers used new music . This is the period that we have the most recent data available for. It takes about 7-9 months minimum to know where our music is playing and much longer internationally . Interesting in these […]

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A fun commercial

Just finished a fun commercial for UGS in New Jersey ~ We had Billy Genuario on lead & backing vocals with Paul Avgerinos creating the track, singing backgrounds and doing the voice over. Produced by David Dessel / Metaphor Pictures / NYC ~ This was great fun, I hope that you enjoy it – If […]

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If over ONE BILLION People have heard your music, does that mean that you are famous ?

In the last year, I have been very blessed to have my music licensed to some huge shows and heard by some truly large audiences : The Super Bowl ( 120 Million ) 22 NFL Games ( 420 Million ) The 2012 Summer Olympics ( 212 Million ) well, you get the idea ~ A […]

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Lucille Ball’s Daughter Lucie Arnaz visits Studio Unicorn again

We are happy to welcome Lucille Ball’s Daughter Lucie Arnaz back to Studio Unicorn . This time Lucie was recording a fascinating narration for visitors to hear as they tour the Lucy Desi Museum in Jamestown NY . Her Mom and Dad, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were truly fascinating people who led extraordinary lives ! It is […]

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Michael Ian Black at Studio Unicorn

I have been enjoying working with Michael Ian Black recently on several projects . We started with some character voice recording for Nickelodeon, and then did the audio version of Michael’s very funny new book  You’re Not Doing It Right  for Simon & Schuster . Yesterday we recorded for a new reality show called  Burning Love  […]

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Music Licensing for TV & Film

  A healthy, growing and enjoyable part of my work is Music Licensing for TV, Film, Commercials, Websites, Games and many more new media applications . Although fees in general are lower than they were in the ‘ old ‘ days before the collapse of the traditional music business model, volume often makes up the […]

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Studio Unicorn new website launch

I am so happy to announce the launch of the brand new Studio Unicorn site ! Thanks to the creative hard work and expert design skills of  Natale Adgnot and Six months in the making, I am thrilled to share a much more content rich and genre specific site . Recording genre styles are now […]

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The Spiritual Significance of Music

From the science of Quantum Physics, we are learning much about the nature of existence in this universe. Quantum entanglement shows that all creation is interconnected, interdependent and vibratory in nature. Matter is a magnificent illusion, everything and everyone is actually pure energy, vibrating at the speed of light. Energy is constantly changing and morphing from […]

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