The Unicorn loves to Rock! Lets start with 12 Killer Mics and Mic Pre-amps on the drums, Sennheiser RE-20 Inside Kick and a Neumann U-47 Kick tunnel, Shure SM 57s over and under Snare, Sennheiser 421’s on the Toms and a Neumann Km84 on Hi Hat, Neumann U-87 Stereo overheads and a Royer Stereo Ribbon Room Mic 20 Feet away! All Through Neve, Manley, Martek and Great River Pre-Amps. Royer Ribbon Mics w 57s on guitar cabinets and a Neumann U-47 through a Neve 1073 for the Lead Vocal. This kind of skill and quality will carry on through the entire project right through to the very last overdub. We have the space, equipment and skill to record entire groups live including the lead vocals as well .