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Value & Rates

How much do you charge per hour ?

This question is the start of so many phone calls. Before we answer this,
there are many much more important questions that must be answered first .

Who will I be working with at the studio ? An intern ? Someone with a few years of experience ? How long does it take them to get a great drum sound ? A killer vocal ?

At Unicorn, you will only be working with Paul Avgerinos, a GRAMMY® Winning
producer and engineer with 40 years experience in the music biz and 30 years behind the console producing successful recordings of all kinds. Fast and intuitive, Paul can get a great drum and vocal sound in 15 minutes. A studio may charge a low rate, but if they never deliver world-class broadcast quality that advances your career, have you truly spent your money wisely ? Sadly, many of our clients come to us after they have wasted thousands of dollars trying to “save money” elsewhere. Fortunately, they leave us happy and satisfied that they have found a real studio, producer and engineer.

What real world evidence does the Studio have of its success ?

At Unicorn, we have multiple Grammy nominations and wins, platinum sales, tons of awards and most importantly, THOUSANDS of tracks in broadcast all over the world on radio, TV, film and all other media formats.

What will the studio do to further my career in the difficult music business ?

Paul regularly helps young artists achieve licensing and broadcast success and provides honest practical mentoring for all his serious clients on an on-going basis at no additional cost.

Will the Studio help me with my music, arranging, songwriting ?

Paul is skilled at arranging, writing, playing bass, all guitars, drum programming, keyboards, cello, vocals and all manner of sound design. Creating background vocals is a specialty. All of these services are part of the hourly rate and all copyrights stay with the client.

How much do you charge for all these services ?

$150 per hour ~
a real and true value for world-class broadcast quality.
We also take Mastercard, Visa and Debit Cards.

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