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The Spiritual Significance of Music

From the science of Quantum Physics, we are learning much about the nature of existence in this universe. Quantum entanglement shows that all creation is interconnected, interdependent and vibratory in nature. Matter is a magnificent illusion, everything and everyone is actually pure energy, vibrating at the speed of light. Energy is constantly changing and morphing from one form to another, always flowing and ever new ~ An endless dance in the eternal NOW . Of course, the great spiritual teachers have been saying this all along . Matter and form are illusions, energy and spirit are real and constant .

Music is the Empress Queen of the fine arts. Existing only in the NOW of performance and hearing, it’s purely vibratory nature most closely mimics the vibratory nature of creation and existence as shown by the science of Quantum Physics . Sound and visible light are but a tiny part of all the wide variety of vibrating waves and particles . Think of music as light colors that can be heard and felt . As with color, harmonious blending and balancing is immensely pleasing to us .

My spiritual path began along with my passion for music, as I realized at an early age that music had the power to facilitate my own spiritual awakening and healing and that I could heal and comfort countless other souls through my spiritual devotion in music . Various spiritual awakenings along the way have guided and illuminated my musical process, Just as quantum particles influence each other across vast distances, so does my musical devotion vibrate out into the Universe, eventually touching all Sentient Beings . As listeners tell me of how my music has helped them to be more peaceful, happy and content, or has comforted them in some way, this positive feedback encourages me to continue making albums that serve them in these ways .

At my very best, when I am composing, playing or singing, I see myself as an instrument of pure divine unconditional love, wisdom, light and joy and I lose my individual self in the ocean of universal oneness .
Quite simply, I hear the voice of God clearly in music ~ loving, blessing and comforting me every single day, and I am so very grateful to be able to share this great blessing, gift and joy with you !

With Gratitude and Joy,

Paul Avgerinos

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