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Music Licensing for TV & Film


A healthy, growing and enjoyable part of my work is Music Licensing for TV, Film, Commercials, Websites, Games and many more new media applications . Although fees in general are lower than they were in the ‘ old ‘ days before the collapse of the traditional music business model, volume often makes up the difference . At present , I have over 1,500 tracks in all genres on offer to music editors and end users all around the world .

Some notable licensing successes are on all the major networks, ABC NBC CBS FOX PBS and ALL the various cable channels, ESPN Bravo Discovery History MTV VH1 etc. Interesting web licenses have been granted to Nike, Starbucks, Web MD, Disney, Simon & Schuster, Netflix, Time Inc. Lockheed Martin Space Systems and way too many more to list here .

More details are available here Music Licensing and please do reach out so that I may help to license YOUR music !

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